What do we stand for?

We stand for Service Excellence

Excellence, in our view, is dependent on whether we unlock value for our clients, but in the sense that we want our Clients to perceive our involvement as “valuable” and not through our own definition. Simply put, value is a product of quality of service versus the price paid for that service. Quality is subject to Client satisfaction and the appropriateness of services provided.

Crucial to the unlocking of value is to remain open to Client inputs, but we must ensure that the Client is kept fully abreast of what is happening in his environment and what changes of improvement may be available through new technology or Service Models.

In order to maintain Service Excellence, we are focused on Continuous Improvement of Staff, Systems and Models and have achieved success in the improvement of our first-time resolution through the implementation of an incentive scheme deriving from our Continuous Improvement Programme.

Our Customers

Our Customers include any business/organisation that views technology as a business enabler and believes that Technology is designed to ease your business efficiency and growth. This implies that technology must be appropriate (fit-for-purpose), efficient and most importantly, available when it is needed. Amongst these entities would count most businesses or organisations and institutions in South Africa, but not everyone is in need of the services we provide all of the time.

Typically, some of the National Government Departments are inherently dependent on Technology that is available all of the time and cannot afford to be incapacitated by unreliable or unavailable products as they provide critical services to the public. Some of these departments are currently engaged with us in long-term contracts.