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We are currently supporting a national installed base of more than 230 000 end-user devices that include more than, 12 000 Multi-function Devices, 43 000 Printers, 70 000 Personal Computers, 33 000 Notebooks, 19 000 Scanners and more than 81 000 visual output devices at one of the largest National Clients in South Africa. This contract is currently in its second iteration. In addition, we are engaged with numerous smaller Clients either on an annuity- or an ad-hoc basis. We are successful in these clients as we have managed to retain their business over medium- to long-term periods and we are confident that we will remain their preferred provider for the foreseeable future. Our intention and the Clients’ indication are that we will be successful soon in engaging in annuity contracts with some of these Clients.

We are comfortable with this tempo of development of the relationship in that it is aligned with our approach of giving Clients the opportunity to “test” us before making a long-term commitment.

Khauleza has recently had success in the Mining Industry by engaging with a Leading Mining Company, through its ICT Partner, for the establishment of Microwave Networking Infrastructure and Alternate Power Solutions. While we have not directly designed the Network, our credentials are such that we are entrusted with the Operational Support of the total Environment, including the Infrastructure, Power Solutions and the Network. The Power Solutions are based on Solar Arrays, Batteries and Diesel Generators.

Further to the above, we have also intensified our activity in Network Cabling Services in that we have been awarded a number of contracts for Cabling of UTP (CAT5 and 6) and Fibre Networks throughout South Africa.

Our staff complement includes Service Delivery Managers, Helpdesk personnel, Logistics and Technical resources. Khauleza skill level includes but not limited to A+, N+, MCSE, HCNA and HCNP. Khauleza has the necessary skills to support Wide Area Networks with specific skills on Huawei Network equipment, Telecommunications and alternative energy e.g. Uninterruptable Power Supply, Generators and Solar energy.

our reputation

Our reputation is that of THE National Break-fix provider in large engagements and that of RELIABLE provider, capable of backing up products sold in smaller engagements.