We provide Managed ICT Services ranging from Maintenance Services, Helpdesk, Procurement, IMACD (Installations, Moves, Additions, Changes and Disposals), Print Management Solutions, File Servers, Networks and the establishment of Communication Infrastructure. We have defined and implemented “Extended Services” in support of our Primary Services and these are based on Logistics Management and Centralised Repair Centres. These services enhance our efficiency in ensuring a high level of “uptime” of the Distributed assets we support.
The Management, Co-ordination and Resolution of calls as quickly as possible at primary support level. The Helpdesk System can intergrate with most market-leading systems if required. We utilise a Mobile Support Application for support resources to enhance SLA efficiency.
The remedial maintenance of Hardware such as File Server, Network Equipment, Equipment Cabinets, UPS, Scanners, PC, Notebook, Tablet, Peripherals, Overhead Projectors and Video Screens either on-site or off-site.
Network cabling infrastructure installation, support and maintenance
The Procurement and delivery of selected distributed computing equipment that includes File Servers, PC’s, Notebooks, Peripherals, Networking Equipment and Consumables.
In House repair workshop for the repair and/or logistic management of faulty IT hardware equipment.
The assessment and provisioning of third-party print management solutions.
The pre-staging, configuration, transportation (logistics) and installation of new systems and equipment.
The Supply, installation and maintenance of leading brand servers.
The analysis of Client Requirements and design of Network Solutions.
Supply, Installation and Maintenance of Fibre, Cabinets, Air Conditioners, Fire Suppression, Access Control, Biometrics, RFID Cards, CCTV, Overhead Projectors, Projection Screens and Generators.
The Managed installation, move, addition, change or decommission of Client Equipment.

Extended Services

As a Secondary suite of services we can also provide Clients with Alternate Power Solutions, Site Assessments, Establishment and Consultancy. Reliability issues with Power Sources in South Africa, has necessitated the need for Alternate Power Sources and the ICT industry has been required to also provide Clients with the ability to source power alternatively. We are confident that the knowledge, skills and experience that we have developed for these services will continue to build confidence with our Clients. We also sell products from most leading OEMs, but we are more concerned with providing a “best-fit” solution to a Client than merely a Brand. This, together with our capabilities in certain products, dictates the current suite of products offered by us.

Renewable Energy Sources:

The assessment and development of DC Power solutions and preventive maintenance.

Alternative Energy, Solar Power, and Grid interactive systems:

Installation and Maintenance of alternative energy solutions.

Energy Consultancy and Site Assessments:

The consulting services offered to Clients that is aimed at assessing the site and advise on the appropriate Energy Solution.

We are continuously improving and expanding our Service Suite and –Delivery, our approach is to optimise what we do currently before we move on to the next level/phase. This means that our Service Suite and Capability is dynamic while we are consistent in our Delivery.